Exploring Brexit

lands end

‘these days’: altered book page collage by Jean McEwan

Our first themed project is Brexit, which will be led by artist Jean McEwan, one half of Power Up Creative Resistance along with artist Uzma Kazi.
Over the next couple of months, Jean will be making new art works and interventions, hosting creative workshops and  discussions and inviting people to collaborate with her. The project is very open and responsive so if you have ideas/thoughts/feelings/responses around Brexit you would like explore, get in touch at powerupcreativeresistance@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page.

So far Jean has been altering postcards and book and magazine pages, making posters and compiling a Brexit playlist and thinking about maps and scores.  She’s also thinking about health/ill health, borders and boxes, and the ethics of collage.

She’ll be posting her progress in words and images here over the coming weeks.

brexit flipchart 1

grief misunderstanding

Jean is also hosting the following dates at Power Up Play Space interactive exhibition at Boots Rebooted art space in Bradford (the old Boots shop at the bottom of Bank Street – more information about the space here) over the coming weeks, an opportunity to come and talk/share/explore/make/do around the theme of Brexit

Thursday 20th April  12-4 pm
Saturday 22nd April 2-5pm

Plus further dates to be added in May, to be confirmed shortly.

Brexit boxed in Anis

Art work by Anis Akhtar made at Power Up Playspace, 7th April 2017

Jean will be researching and documenting other peoples responses to Brexi via our project blog here-  if you would like to write or share anything on the blog, or have suggestions of things she should look at, please get in touch!


altered postacrd norway

‘missing you already’: altered postcard from Norway by Jean McEwan

altered postcard from pont de neuf

‘missing you already’; altered postcard from Pont De Neuf, Paris, by Jean McEwan


The work done on Brexit will be shared at some events at the end of May/beginning of June – details to be announced soon.


Jean and Uzma will also be participating in Take Back Control Bradford on Saturday 6th May at Kala Sangam.  Take Back Control will be a day of workshops, talks, food and music which will bring together leave and remain voters, make sense of the Brexit negotiations and discuss how voters can take back control from right wing economic elites moving towards creating a fairer more equal society for everyone – more information here https://www.facebook.com/events/270827863338968/
During the event, we will be inviting you to play, think, talk and do with us throughout the day to explore and share ideas together on making a positive difference in the world through creativity and imagination. These will include interactive spaces to discover, communicate, express and make sense of…(or not!) ..including spaces to be angry or find peace and calm; games, collective collage, poster exhibition, creative resistance mapping and timelines, library corner of books and zines and more.

All are welcome to participate, contribute and collaborate with us at any of these events – if you would like to get involved in creative explorations about Brexit we would love to hear from you.

We love the quote below from Boff Whalley, and her blog about what activism is and isn’t – you can read it here, it’s great!

“drink in the good stuff, the uplifting stuff. Part of the role of the artist in these weird times is to offer an alternative, and with it a suggestion of a way out and a way through – a transcendental vision of a better, brighter world. Books, film, songs, there’s so much out there that scares the conservatives into wanting to shut down the arts, and that’s the stuff we can use for ammunition “

Our next project will be starting in June, and will be led by Uzma Kazi – theme to be announced

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