Pateh Baldeh: What activism means to me

What Activism Means To Me
Pateh Baldeh

My name is Pateh Baldeh, I was born in a tiny West African country of The Gambia. Growing up in the Gambia, I have witnessed different kinds of abused that women were subjected to, which I believe motivated to be a speaking against the injustices women were suffering, such as early female genital mutilation and forced marriages and until date in women don’t have the full participation in decision making especially in the family level.
I am a co-founder to a small non profit organization called, WeAid.
WeAid is an organization whose aim it is to help raise awareness about violence against women, men and children. WeAid also help in promoting early child education.
I am now residing in Bradford one of the most multicultural city within the United Kingdom, I am working with King’s Security system and as a security officer at the Kirkgate shopping centre.

I believe that WE are the Change, and through Activism, Peaceful Activism, We will witness the change we want in our various communities. Activism is not only for the present generation but also for the future, of ourselves, children and our children’s children. Activism, to me is the voice for the voiceless and the single most important thing any person can do, to empower themselves and their communities.

Pateh Baldeh


Post Script:

Pateh was concerned about the harassment of women in public places he was witnessing through his job, and initiated a project with Wur Bradford art project to hold a creative discussion session at Wur Bradford, ‘Lets Talk About Street Harassment‘, which took place in Autumn 2016. Pateh then took part in the Street Harassment panel at the WOW Bradford Festival in November. We plan to develop the project further this year with the support of Bradford Womens Forum  in partnership with other individuals and organisations in Bradford.

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